University of Houston Quiet Hall

University Of Houston, Quiet Hall-3



Architect: Gensler
Installer: Applied Finish Systems, Inc.
Ceiling System: Illusions, Arboreal by Ceilings Plus





NYPL Rose Main Reading Room

NYPL Rose Main Reading Room

University Of Houston, Quiet Hall-4


Design of the new spaced drew inspiration from the iconic Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library. The cloud mural of the library ceiling was digitally translated into a beautiful reinterpretation of the scene gracing the ceilings of Quiet Hall. The ceiling is composed of the modular grid system, Illusions, by Ceilings Plus. The ceiling system is made of light-weight aluminum with a thin, real wood veneer, called Arboreal. Each panel is perforated and backed with SoundTex, a non-woven acoustical fabric, for even better acoustical performance.

Ceilings Plus offers specialty acoustical ceiling and wall systems, which are very customizable. Since the panels are aluminum, they carry a Class-A fire rating. Beautiful wood grain veneers are available in many species and can also be stained to match other finishes in each individual project. FSC certified veneers are also an option for those seeking LEED credits and increased sustainability.

As in the panel design for the Quiet Hall, perforations can be customized to display large graphics while still allowing the space to achieve high acoustical performance. Designers are not limited to simple round or square repeating patterns.

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