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GKD MetalFabricsproduces technologically advanced woven metal fabric solutions from concept to completion. With a broad spectrum of fabric designs, thicknesses, weights, rigidity, widths and transparency, GKD Metal Fabrics are suitable for diverse interior and exterior architectural applications and can help push your design to extraordinary heights.
Drawing on more than 85 years of experience, GKD Metal Fabrics’ engineers continue to push the envelope of innovation – creating greater opportunities for
distinction and customization.


Rigid Fabrics – Woven of solid wires in both the warp and weft dimensions for a stiff fabric in all directions. Rigid fabrics are typically transported flat and framed. Ideal for interior walls, ceilings, handrails, or infills.


Flexible Cable Fabrics – Woven of precision wire cable in the warp direction and a solid wire in the weft direction giving flexibility to the fabric in one direction. These fabrics can be transported in rolled form and are tensioned over a span. Ideal for large facades, solar management, parking structures, or room partitions.


Multi-Flex Fabrics – Woven with cable or fine wires in both directions giving these fabrics multi-flexibility. These fabrics are transported in roll form and tensioned over a span or draped. Ideal for ceilings, column covers, walls, and veils.

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The GKD etching process creates visual imagery that is nothing short of astounding – not to mention extremely durable, weather- and fade-resistant. As a facade, transparency is also achieved, allowing visibility and measured lighting.
Digitally created graphics are etched onto the metal mesh to create a highly contrasted image that brings the “subject” to life. Graphics include text, logos and all sorts of imagery.
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GKDMetalfabrics’ Mediamesh®, is a stainless steel wire mesh interwoven with LED lights that can transform any building into a dynamic, vivid experience of communication bringing drama and excitement to the building façade 24 hours a day.
Easily installed over any building surface, this mesh is ideal for large scale applications and can cover four times the surface area of traditional billboards with as much as 80% less electricity. And with up to 60% transparency, this mesh allows for natural daylighting and ventilation to reach the buildings surface.
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Our flexible woven metal fabrics provide indisputable technical, aesthetic and environmentally responsible solutions to any building’s exterior and interior.Contact us for a product presentation or to receive a sample box.


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