Epic Metals Corporation manufactures long-span architectural roof deck systems.. Their product enables a designer to create unique, visually open public spaces.


Epicore – presents the design team with functional and aesthetic structural system choices. Provides architects and engineers with the capability of specifying EPICORE as an acoustical floor deck ceiling system. Also enable the acoustical linear plan ceiling appearance to act as both roof and ceiling system, achieving significant construction economies. The system also offers a permanent, integrated grid hanging system.

Epicore 3.5 – designed to be used on curved, flat or pitched roofs to provide a ceiling with a smooth image and bold shadow lines. The dovetail ribs offer an excellent means of concealment for the roofing system fasteners and con accommodate clear spans up to 22 feet. The 3.5 system also offers superior acoustical values, with a noise reduction coefficient (NCR) rating of .95.

Epicore ER6.5 – desinged to give architects and engineers a roof deck ceiling system that can provide a project with an architectural feature, a structural element, a finished ceiling and acoustic control. This architectural ceiling structure provides a linear plan appearance, hidden roofing fasteners, a grid hanging system and longer clear spans. Spanning from 18-31 feet, it allows longer, visually unobstructed ceiling surface areas.

Wideck – these systems can clear span wider truss distances to create a more spacious building design. Wideck establishes a bold ribbed ceiling appearance that also conceals roofing system fasteners. The structural strength of WHFA supports cantilevered canopies and sheltered walkways. Wideck panels have a flush appearance with minor shadow lines, and can conceal lighting fixtures, sprinkler lines, and electrical wiring as well as roofing fasteners.

Super Wideck – designed and manufactured to provide architects and engineers with the ability to clear span the structural framing system from 24 to 55 feet. Compared to the precast alternatives for similar spans, Super Wideck can be up to 80% lighter, has excellent acoustical ratings, and an attractive, beamed ceiling appearance.

Wideblend – roof deack ceiling systems are a combination of component panels for the WHF, WP or SW product profiles. Blending WPA and SWA produces an elegant beamed appearance, hides the roofing fasteners, and conceals utilities. Combining SWA and WHFA projects a bold, deeply beamed ceiling. Blending WPA and WHFA creates visual variety that neither a flush nor a ribbed ceiling can achieve on its own. Wideblends can effectively clear span from 16-42 feet and provide acoustical NRC from .70 to 1.00.

Archdeck – deep-corrugated curved steel panel that makes it possible to have a curved roof without curving the structural steel. Available in a ribbed appearance or flush, both profiles provide excellent acoustical control in any project.

Hangers – EPICORE’s dovetail ribs provide a simple, economical, and permanent means for hanging ceilings, piping, ducts, and other mechanical and utility components. EPIC hangers are inserted parallel to the ribs and can be placed continuously across the width of the profile. Hangers can be purchased and installed as they are needed, and can be relocated, inserted, or removed and reused at any time during the life of the building (Available for EPICORE, EPICORE 3.5, EPICORE ER6.5)

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