Aurubis formally known as Norddeutsche (NA) was founded in 1866 and its history is characterized by its dynamics and flexibility. In the twentieth century its come to be known for its innovative processes, cutting edge technology and exemplary environmental production. Copper is one of the oldest building materials currently in use with its unique characteristics. Once thought of as just a durable roofing material is now being used as a flexible architectural exterior facade option or interior accent wall.


Copper Surfaces

The natural development of copper patina is one of copper’s unique characteristics. The patina film provides impressive protection against corrosion and can repair itself if damaged, defining the exceptional longevity of copper cladding. The rate at which patina forms is dependent on the conditions the materials is exposed to such as rain, sun, salt from marine environments or even airborne pollution. These various factors will determine the rate at which the patina develops giving copper its unique visual characterizes over time.

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nordic standard picture

Nordic Standard™ is mill finish copper without any additional surface treatment. It has the traditional “bright” finish that develops and changes over time to a chestnut brown and continues to darken eventually becoming chocolate brown.

nordic brown picture
Nordic Brown™ products are pre-oxidized at the factory to provide the same oxidized brown surface immediately that otherwise develops over time in the environment. The thickness of the oxide layer determines the darkness of the brown.
Nordic Green™ and Nordic Blue™ products offer designers unparalleled design freedom and the ability to determine the type and intensity of green or bluish patina for each project. In addition to the solid green or blue patina color, other intensities of patina flecks can be created, revealing some of the dark oxidized background material.
In marine climates, the natural copper patina contains some copper chloride, giving it more of a blue color, which is emulated with Nordic Blue. Brochantite is a light blue color and Aurubis’ Nordic Blue™ patination is 100% brochantite.
nordic royal picture
Nordic Royal™ is an alloy of copper with aluminum and zinc, giving it a rich golden through-color that changeably incorporates a matte, golden-brown surface and behaves differently from other copper products over time and does not develop a blue or green paint.
nordic brass picture
Nordic Brass™ is an alloy of copper and zinc with a distinctive golden yellows color. When exposed to the atmosphere, the surface begins to darken within weeks and can change to a dark brown in around a year.
nordic bronze picture
Nordic Bronze™ is an alloy of copper and tin with a similar color to Nordic Standard™ initially. When exposed to the atmosphere, the surface gradually changes to a reddish dark brown to a black shade.

Copper Products
Aurubis provides an extensive range of factory prefabricated systems for facades and roofs. These offer the benefit of consistency being fabricated under controlled conditions. Aurubis products are available in a variety of ranges such as profile wall or roof panels, perforated sheets, shingles, and cassettes. Other Custom profiles can also be made.

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institute of molecular medicine
Fayez S. Sarofim Research Building Institute of Molecular Medicine
Location: Houston Medical Center, TX
Architect: BNIM, Houston, Texas
GC: Vaughn Construction, Houston, TX
Installer: Byrne Metals, Humble, Texas
Materials/Finish: VM Zinc Quartz, Anthra, Nortic Green Pre-weathered copper

Houston, Austin, San Antonio, South Texas: 281-852- 7900 Bill Wade or Peter Parnham
Dallas, Fort Worth, North Texas: 214-799- 3687 Cynthia Ortiz