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Who is My Local Ceilings Plus Rep?

Wade Architectural Systems is your Ceilings Plus representative in Texas and Oklahoma, with offices in Houston and Dallas. We proudly offer their ceiling and wall systems to design teams who are looking for a system with great design flexibility and a wide array of finish options. Ceilings Plus delivers on commitments and celebrates their many successes while creating an environment of responsive communication for customers. Their loyalty to customers matches our own - dedicated and strong. For more on their products and services, click this link - http://www.ceilingsplus.com/.

To allow designers to fully realize their conceptual designs, Ceilings Plus creates ceiling and wall surfaces that are not limited to traditional rectilinear, 2-D shapes. Total design flexibility is achieved with systems that can accommodate convex and concave curves, polygons and polyhedra, second and third dimensions, as well as infinite finish and perforation options. Ceilings Plus also incorporates Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the production process. Their systems are created from 3-D data for each project. By using this data, they can manufacture panels for custom, complex designs using the proper speed and precision while maintaining precision and detecting potential conflicts.

To learn more about all of the product options manufactured by Ceilings Plus, call Wade Architectural Systems. In Houston and South Texas, call Bill Wade or Peter Parnham at (281) 852-7900 or for Dallas, North Texas, Austin and Oklahoma, call Lenora Hamilton at (281) 704-8282.

Is Ceilings Plus Durable?

Ceilings Plus is proud to produce systems that are durable and easy to maintain throughout the project life-cycle. Ceilings Plus panels are prefabricated and release zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the project site.

Ceilings Plus panels are manufactured with aluminum, containing up to 98 percent recycled content. The panels have no-added formaldehyde and are VOC-free. Most systems are fully accessible and offer an outstanding life-cycle value.

Wade Architectural Systems provides durable panels that will last a lifetime while making an improvement on the aesthetics of your building. We are committed to bringing you top-quality products and services, so contactors and installers will have the very best at their disposal. For excellent ceiling products, call Wade Architectural Systems.

Who has the Best Price on Ceilings Plus Systems?

Wade Architectural Systems is the TX & OK rep for Ceilings Plus. We are dedicated to providing fair pricing to our customers and aim to build longstanding relationships with area installers. Through us, you can get affordable curved panels with their Radians®, modular, accessible shapes with Illusions, modular panels with Multiples and Runaways , and linear shapes with Barz , Planx and Mirra. We provide the most affordable options when it comes to custom ceiling solutions, including wood ceiling systems. Find out more here - http://www.interiorsandsources.com/.

Wade Architectural Systems always provides superior service when assisting designers, contractors and installers with selection of excellent products for ceilings systems. In addition to ceiling products, we also offer architectural metal panels made with zinc, aluminum and stainless, galvanized steel. Give us a call today and let us find an affordable ceiling option for you with Ceilings Plus products.

  • November 3, 2016

    Ceilings Plus offers a wide variety of metal wall and ceiling panel systems that can meet nearly any interior design goals, from traditional to modern, in an array of styles, textures and finishes. Here are a few benefits of Ceilings Plus products:

    Dozens of Panel Styles

    The individual wall and ceiling panels are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from curved panels for dramatic three-dimensional ceilings, to shaped panels that can create interesting geometric designs and linear panels that mimic natural wood beams, slats and boards.

    Multiple Finishes

    Ceilings Plus panels are available in several natural metallic finishes, dozens of custom painted finishes, and a wide variety of wood veneers and laminates that mimic traditional woods like oak, pine or ash, as well as exotic hardwoods.

    Lightweight Design

    Ceilings Plus wall and ceiling panels are made from a recycled aluminum core that is much lighter than competing natural wood or metal products, resulting in a quicker and easier installation process and more flexible design options.

    Reduced Maintenance

    Compared to wood or drywall surfaces, Ceilings Plus products require much less maintenance, with durable finishes that do not need periodic sanding and painting.

  • September 14, 2016
    Why should I choose Ceilings Plus products instead of wood for interior ceilings? Natural wood can create an attractive and durable ceiling, but it has significant disadvantages, including a high price, especially for exotic woods, and it requires significant amounts of maintenance. With eight natural wood veneers and 24 wood-grain laminates, Ceilings Plus offers the look of real wood, with several additional benefits:

    Flexible Design Options With Curves and Shapes: Natural wood is difficult to install on curved surfaces and can be relatively inflexible. Ceilings Plus panels, however, are made from a lightweight aluminum core that can easily be curved or shaped to match any design, and they can be installed without the risk of cracking, splitting or other damage that is common with natural wood.

    Reduced Weight: Depending on the species of wood and the thickness of the material, natural wood can be quite heavy, requiring a substantial support system. Because of the aluminum core, Ceilings Plus panels very light, and can be installed with minimal framework, similar to standard suspended ceilings.

    Sustainability: Ceilings Plus panels use a minimum amount of natural wood, reducing the environmental impact of wood harvesting, and they feature an easily-recycled aluminum core that contain a significant amount of post-consumer content.
  • April 18, 2016
    Why go for drab when you can have quality design? In less than ten years, Ceilings Plus products have revolutionized the architectural market by providing unique ceiling panels specifically designed to create interior spaces that excel both in function and aesthetics. Here are a just a few of the leading reasons for why you should choose Ceilings Plus products for your facility: Enhanced composite construction. Ceilings Plus products primarily feature a composite construction featuring an aluminum core and your choice of wood, metal, or painted finish. This aluminium core gives the panel a backbone of strength while the thinner exterior contributes to an overall weight much lighter than competing hardwood or all metal panels. Designs on your terms. Ceilings Plus products are designed with the best CNC equipment the market has to offer. With this, designers are able to translate any unique design into CAD data that can then be used to create precise, uniform wall and ceiling products. No other company can offer this scale of quality to custom manufacture products that will perfectly fit your facility's design and building specs. Sustainable materials. Building sustainably and being resourceful with materials is a must in this post-industrial age. Ceilings Plus products use aluminum cores featuring as much as 98% recycled aluminum waste. Wood finishes are likewise chosen for their sustainability.
  • Why should I choose Ceilings Plus products?
    Published by Christy Serafini on September 1st, 2015
    Standard ceiling and wall panels can be quite drab, uninspiring and utilitarian. Ceilings Plus products, however, are anything but. They combine unique materials, shapes, colors and textures to create interior spaces that are exciting and architecturally groundbreaking. Their ceiling and wall panels are made from an aluminum core that is extremely lightweight and offers superior strength when compared to traditional materials. This allows extreme flexibility in their design and installation, allowing you to create interior spaces that are limited only by your imagination. Both the ceiling and wall panels are available in many styles, including curved panels allowing for three-dimensional curved or wavy designs, shaped panels that can create unique two or three-dimensional geometric designs, specially-designed panels that accent hallways or walkways, and three-dimensional panels that mimic linear wood beams and slats. All of the ceiling and wall panels are available with one of several metal finishes, numerous custom paint colors, or one of many types of wood veneer. They can be custom-perforated to fine-tune their acoustic performance, enhance ventilation and add transparency. Custom light, sound and ventilation systems can be integrated into the ceiling and wall systems, and custom accessories like column covers, partitions or light shelves can easily be added to finish the design. With the use of building information modeling, also called BIM, or CAD data, your design can be applied to the actual layout of your building, and then custom ceiling panels, wall panels and accessories can be custom-manufactured to fit your building perfectly. When compared to the competition, products from Ceilings Plus offer several distinct advantages for your project:
    • Composite construction: Many of their wall and ceiling panels feature a composite construction with an aluminum core and your choice of metal, wood or painted finish, making them lightweight, strong and flexible.
    • Reduced weight: Compared to hardwood or heavy steel panels, the company's composite ceiling and wall panels do not require as strong of a mounting system, allowing them to be installed almost anywhere with minimal work and relatively lightweight support hardware.
    • Increased strength: Unlike wood panels or even many metal panels, the aluminum core of at the center of these panels makes them not only light, but very durable for their size, and those with a wood finish will not twist or warp like products made from natural wood.
    • Sustainable design: Much of the aluminum used in the core of the panels is made from post-consumer or post-industrial aluminum waste, up to 98% total. When selecting a wood finish, sustainable woods can be optionally be used to create the veneer or laminate surface.
    • Variety of shapes: Both the wall and ceiling panels are available in curved designs, geometric patterns, such as triangles, squares or parallelograms, and many other designs.
    • Variety of styles: Several styles of metal finishes are available for most panels, as well as wood veneers, wood laminates, and custom-painted finishes.
    In addition to wall and ceiling panels, the company also manufactures column covers, light covers and other accessories. Updated by Christy Serafini on December 14th, 2015

    When it comes to adding ceilings to your interior, why settle for the mundane and traditional? Ceilings Plus products offer a fresh and modern approach to ceiling panels that can be customized to fit the unique needs and aesthetics of your business or home. So before you opt for the ordinary, consider the following advantages of Ceilings Plus products:

    • Form paired with function. These architectural ceiling panels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They include superior insulation-design that absorbs sound to make rooms quieter and more private, a huge boon in commercial office spaces. And, unlike standard drop panels, Ceiling Plus systems include options for a curved, modern appearance or modular finish for a more complete final touch.
    • A lightweight powerhouse. Ceilings Plus products are built lightweight, but without compromising their durability. They are a great choice whether you're trying to complete low or extra-high ceilings. Plus, with each product featuring an aluminum finishing, if a leak occurs and is stopped and repaired in a timely manner, you can simply dry off the panel and it's as good as new for continued use. 
    • Keep a green mind.  People today are much more informed about the environmental impact of products, with many choosing to support companies that adopt environmentally-friendly manners. One way you can show that you, too, admire the green movement is by choosing Ceilings Plus panels. These architectural panels are comprised of up to 98 percent recycled content, which means not only are they more sustainable than traditional products, but they also have no added formaldehyde and do not release VOCs for better quality of air.